Care Kits

At IMG, our quality customer service extends beyond the delivery of your furniture. With our handy, practical care kits we help you to ensure you get the best out of your IMG furniture and know exactly how to care for it.

Take pride in your luxurious leather with our leather care kit, containing a leather cleaning solution (250ml) and a protector (250ml) with a sponge, brush and cloth- everything you need to keep that glossy shine! For fabric upholstery, our fabric care kit will keep your furniture looking pristine with a fabric protector (250ml), fabric cleaner and spot remover (250ml) fabric care ink, oil or grease remover (125ml), and a cloth for application.

Our care kits are an invaluable essential in helping you to look after your furniture, just as it looks after you and your comfort needs. Contact your retailer to enquire about our leather and fabric care kits now to help you keep your furniture looking perfect for longer.

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