Manual Relaxers

Our manual relaxers are sure to live up to their name, providing you with all you need to relax in one neat, space-efficient package. Quality design and comfort go hand-in-hand throughout our relaxer range, thanks to Norwegian craftsmanship and only the most advanced technology.

Our manual relaxers have a variety of fantastic functions to offer- all designed with your comfort and well-being at heart. Glide into comfort with our unique mechanism, allowing you to recline using gentle body pressure as you sit back. With our swivel feature, you’ll never miss a moment as our relaxers allow you to rotate your position in any direction. Our unique comfort-precision headrests allow you to adjust the headrest to support your head and neck- whether you are reading, watching TV or snoozing.  In addition to these features, our higher-grade foam will ensure comfort which lasts- adapting to your natural body shape allowing you to sit comfortably for longer.

Discover comfort simplified with our range of manual relaxers today, and live life comfortably.

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