Dimensions Width Height Depth Seat height
Verona Multifunction Standard 311/2 411/2 / 56 361/4 191/4
Verona Multifunction Large 33 411/2 / 56 361/4 191/4
* All measurements are in inches
** Sizes of individual products may vary by up to 1.2 inches due to the handmade nature of the product.

Motorised Lumbar Support
Provides support to the muscles and skeletal structure of the lower back

Motorised Head and Neck Support
Ensures the natural curve of your neck is supported and maintained so it can rest comfortably

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Our products are subjected to the highest Norwegian quality standards. Our comprehensive warranty policy is our promise to you that your furniture has been built to last.


Sleek and streamlined, the clean lines and slender, curved arms of the IMG Multifunctional Powered Recliner will bring elegance to any home. A timeless design, meticulously finished for a refined look and feel, will suit homes of all styles, from modern to traditional. At the heart of this multifunctional powered recliner, is our exclusive technology. At the touch of a button, you can effortlessly recline, sit and stand for endless comfort, tailored to you.


Exclusive Technology 

A patented design keeps the chair base stable as the seat and the back are raised for greater stability and superior ergonomic support.


Easy Operation

Large, hand-held control with oversized buttons allows you to select lift, recline, and return to home position effortlessly.


Convenient Features

Side pocket storage keeps the hand control always within reach. Pocket storage offers also room for books and magazines.


Battery Backup

All chairs come with battery backup SMPS transformer allowing user to exit chair even when there is a power outage.


4 Button Remote

Enjoy the flexibility of 4 buttons, up, down and return as well as controlling the back and footrest independently.


Adjustable Head and Neck Support

Exclusive adjustment system that allows your head and neck to rest in an infinite number of comfort positions. It can easily be adjusted by a handgrip.


Cold-Cure Moulded Foam

This space-age material encases the interior steel frame and sinuous springs, allowing for body-friendly curvatures to be covered with glove-fitted upholstery. This guarantees absolute comfort and durability.


2 Sizes Available

All IMG relaxers are available in two different sizes to assure a perfect fit for your comfort requirements.


Norwegian Quality

All IMG products meet the highest quality standards. The construction is based on a hard wood and steel frame with IMG's unique molded foam. 



With our wide variety of leather style and color options, you will not be short of choice. With a perfect mix of luxury and practicality, our cover options are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for the theme of your living area. Our hand-selected leathers are chosen to ensure premium quality and luxury. We subject our leathers to rigorous testing processing in the group’s selected tanneries. These are also available as micro fibers that are velvety to the touch, durable and extremely practical.

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At IMG we offer a wide range of high-quality luxurious fabrics, because we believe that choice is an important part of finding your perfect furniture. With our range, discover not only stunning color options to match the theme of your living area, but in a fabric upholstery that is easy to clean (with our Dora, Jade and Ultra ranges), or environmentally sustainable through recycled wool (Tuva). Whichever fabric option you choose, we believe that it can only provide the perfect touch to complete your furniture.

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