Multi Function Relaxers

For those who wish to take control. Our Multi-Function Relaxers place you completely in charge of your relaxation experience. Retaining our high quality, luxurious Scandinavian design- we provide the function, and you enjoy the results.

With a 5-button controller, we place excellent functioning comfort and relaxation at your fingertips, and it has never been easier to take advantage. Operate the backrest and footrest independently for a truly customized recline. Enjoy the feel of a supportive transition with our lift mechanism, providing the smoothest and safest transition from sitting to standing. Ensure that your head and neck are always correctly supported while relaxing with our comfort-precision headrests, a unique feature allowing you to adjust the headrest according to your individual preference.  Make use of our added lumbar support feature to ensure ergonomic support to your lower back as you relax.

Capture your own personalized relaxation experience with our Multi-Function Relaxers and find your perfect style today.

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