Dimensions Width Height Depth Seat height
Standard 301/4 411/4 / 46 301/4 173/4/201/2
Large 323/4 421/4 / 463/4 31 173/4/201/2
* All measurements are in inches
** Sizes of individual products may vary by up to 1.2 inches due to the handmade nature of the product.

Our products are subjected to the highest Norwegian quality standards. Our comprehensive warranty policy is our promise to you that your furniture has been built to last.

Nordic Office 85

Our Nordic Office range features all the distinctive style of our Nordic recliners, with all the added support needed to create the perfect chair for your workspace. With soft, padded cushioning which embraces the natural shape of your body, and several functions designed to provide comfort throughout your working day, the Nordic Office is a must-have for making work more comfortable.

The IMG promise - Our products are subjected to the highest Norwegian quality standards. Our comprehensive warranty policy is our promise to you that your furniture has been built to last.

Bringing Comfort To The Workplace

Having the correct support while spending long periods seated at work is important in helping to aid good posture and reducing tension in the body. The Nordic Office offers supportive comfort through using a variety of key materials and functions, such as:


  1. Higher-grade foam - Created through cold-cure foam technology, this ensures ergonomically correct seating posture and support which lasts.
  2. Comfort precision headrest - Adjustable head and neck support gives you the ultimate comfort in all seating positions.
  3. Laminated wood frame - Combined with a durable steel structure provides long-lasting quality.
  4. Steel springs located throughout the back and seat provide optimum support whilst cradling the body.
  5. Star-wheel base with rubber wood caps - to allow efficient movement, while delivering on both style and sustainability.
  6. Comfort-glide system - allows the chair to adjust according to your natural body movements, distributing support across the body and reducing tension.
  7. 360° Swivel function - Enabling you to turn in any direction with ease to ensure you never miss a moment.


With our wide variety of leather style and color options, you will not be short of choice. With a perfect mix of luxury and practicality, our cover options are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for the theme of your living area. Our hand-selected leathers are chosen to ensure premium quality and luxury. We subject our leathers to rigorous testing processing in the group’s selected tanneries. These are also available as micro fibers that are velvety to the touch, durable and extremely practical.

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At IMG we offer a wide range of high-quality luxurious fabrics, because we believe that choice is an important part of finding your perfect furniture. With our range, discover not only stunning color options to match the theme of your living area, but in a fabric upholstery that is easy to clean (with our Dora, Jade and Ultra ranges), or environmentally sustainable through recycled wool (Tuva). Whichever fabric option you choose, we believe that it can only provide the perfect touch to complete your furniture.

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Wood Finish

Using timber veneers and wood lamination technology allows us to perfectly capture the beauty of natural wood in our designs. Through joining layers of timber together using an advanced process called Ultra-Sonic wood lamination, this allows our designers to create fine curvaceous timber components that embody Scandinavian design whilst maintaining superior strength. Explore the variety of wood options available, and choose the perfect natural finishing touch for your furniture.

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